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Profound Gentlemen’s mission is to build communities of male educators of color who offer a profound additional impact on the lives of students, more particularly boys of color. In year four, we’ve worked to clearly define, who are Profound Gentlemen and what does it look like to build communities of male educators of color? What type of impact will that have on particular communities? Through purpose-driven leadership, we are establishing leadership pathways that support our Gentlemen to maximize their human potential across multiple education sectors.

Our Impact

Last year, over 30% of our Gentlemen stepped into leadership roles in their communities, while over 80% of our Gentlemen who received direct support from PG were able to discover their purpose and one-day ultimately serve through purpose-driven leadership. In the 2016-17 academic year, over 90% of our Gentlemen utilized our support from programming to become stronger leaders in their community. Additionally, 100% of educators in our program returned to the education profession seeking to continue their leadership journey.


Boys of colors served by PG educators across the United States.


Male educators of color in the Profound Gentlemen community.


Of our educators returned to the education profession in 2017.

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Across the country, our educators serve as mentors, advocates, and role models for all students, boys of color. They give their time to create a cradle to career pipeline for boys of color to ensure that their boys are college and career ready. Support our educators and help them fuel the pipeline.