On the behalf of Profound Gentlemen (PG), I want to welcome you as a valued partner to our network. Thank you for joining this movement of strengthening the cradle to career pipeline and providing equitable and racially-just communities for our boys and male educators of color.

At Profound Gentlemen, we build relationships with K-12 schools and networks, collegiate institutions, and teacher development programs to best meet this needs of our educators. We divide this work into three programs: Retention, Development, and Recruitment

We are excited to collaborate with you in this movement and truly and thank you in advance for serving with PG. Should you have any questions, contact dominique@profoundgentlemen.org.

Our primary focus at PG is the development of our educators in an effort increase the number of male educators of color who remain in the field of education. According to a University of North Carolina at Charlotte study, males of color or five times more likely to leave the profession within their first three years in the field. Our retention package is specially designed to defy the barriers preventing male educators of color to effectively navigate through the profession.

PG will collaborate with development organizations and programs to expand professional and career development opportunities to our educators. There are a wealth of conference and workshop opportunities that PG prides itself on creating a space specifically for male educators of color.

As an extension of our retention work at PG, space for educators to seek growth opportunities may arise. In collaboration with the educator, PG will connect the educator with career opportunities at schools/ networks. This work begins with a partnership with schools and networks. Some opportunities include school/networks hosting a table at PG events, school/networks share volunteer and vacancy opportunities on PG internal media platforms, and much more.


We appreciate the opportunity to partner with and look to building together.

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