Profound Gentlemen presents the inaugural “I Support  the 2% Campaign”, taking place across our major cities of focus  including Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN, and Chicago, IL. This campaign to provide resources for Male Educators of Color, launched  August 28th virtually at and will continue into Giving Black Day August 28th.  

Males of Color make up 2% of the national teaching population and leave at a rate 5  times higher than other demographics within the first three years. Profound Gentlemen  (PG) aims to retain male educators of color by building cohorts of males educators of  color across the nation., providing educators with 1:1 coaching, personalized  professional development opportunities, and access to a large network of mission driven educators.

During this critical back-to-school year, we are launching the Support  the 2% Campaign to keep male educators of color in schools. We invite you to join our  work in retaining male educators of color this year. With your support we can provide  educators with: 

• On-going 1:1 leadership coaching 

• Access to leadership and professional development workshops  • Social Emotional Learning resources 

• Conference programming tailored to their specific experience as males of color

• Help us build a more equitable education environment that our students and teachers deserve!  

Profound Gentlemen continues to make an impact on education and in the lives of educators.  

“My Impact Leader is absolutely amazing. He has helped me with my  personal growth and professional development. Being able to marry the  two together so I can show up authentically as me, happy and  successful.” – Southern Profound Gentleman 

Contact Information: Ronald Brown | IG: @ProfoundGentlemen