As father’s day is about 4 weeks away, it’s a perfect time to focus on the importance of male engagement and fatherhood in education. This edition of PG Highlights is shining a light on male educators of color who are fathers and father figures.

I recently spoke with Jayson Smith, Special Education teacher and father, on his perspective regarding the importance of consistent and active relationships with fathers or a father figure on Black kids’ success in school.

He started the conversation by saying, “Our presence provides an extra layer of stability for the child and allows for a different perspective as they navigate the bumps and bruises of adolescence and young adulthood.” 

Smith believes that male educators deliver messages in a different tone and vibration that resonates and reinforces within the child.

Jayson is also a long time advocate for family and community engagement. He sees first hand the impact of being a father and engaging fathers in the educational process in public schools.

“Consistent and active relationships with a father or father figure are important for youth because we provide the balance that is needed for the youth’s social and emotional development”, says Smith.

Jayson Smith is a 5 year educators, currently teaching Special Education at Charles Drew Charter School in Atlanta.