Profound Gentlemen highlights male educators of color who are helping parents get ready for the summer break. This PG Highlight focuses on tips from an educators to parents on what to watch for on social media.

Top 5 Things Parents Need to Know About Social Media 
1.  Access to Social Media should be strategically monitored for those who have children actively present on the various platforms made available to this new generation of kids. Screen time and Mental Health are alarming factors that must also be carefully considered. Also, understand that even though it has become very popular amongst children, social media was not designed or intended for children.
2.  Consider the use of parental controls and remaining vigilant to those companies who target and increasingly make tools for young users.
3.  Children represent an untapped market for companies and investors seeking to rise to the next level in innovation for major tech companies. Do not become hoodwinked or complicit in the exploitation of (innocence) children.
4.  Communication is essential and vital to any relationship, especially with your children, educate your children and have a system in place in which there is always access to healthy dialog.
5.  Remember that once something is posted online, it can be difficult to remove the content. Always read the fine print and ask questions when in doubt.

Ways to continue learning in the summer  . . .
1.  Consider joining a Book Club or Create One of like minded individuals to challenge and enhance
2.  Volunteer within the school community to help continue bridging the village concept.
3.  Write Op-eds, a Book, start a Podcast or find other avenues to become more active, engaged, and present at the table for educational dialog.
4.  Stay connected with organizations and leaders in your respective communities that continuously ensure that the playing field of life is leveled, equitable, and responsive to the village.
5.  What are you most looking forward to as we close out this school year?

Summer Activities 
Follow Jamial on social media, Twitter @Scholarsquire, who will be updating and sharing with the village, any and all educational, professional development and fun activities scheduled for the summer of 2022.

Jamial Black is a male educator of color in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Durham area and a fellow of the American Association of Educators. As we close out this school year, Jamial is looking forward to taking a more active role in his community by advocating on behalf of his students and families to ensure their needs are continuously met.