Profound Gentlemen highlights male educators of color who are teaching Social Studies and History classes in public schools.

We have had the pleasure of featuring Dr. Steven Bond in recent years on this platform due to his community engagement as a teacher and his recent book, Perseverance in a Strange Land, written in conjunction with his students.

In such a time as this, it’s important that we elevate the voices of male educators of color in this subject areas because advancements in technology include ways of erasing parts of history that include our stories.

Our stories such as our origins, ancient times, pre slavery, slave revolts, movements of freedom, our successes and contributions to modern society.

From an academic and historical lense, we aren’t teaching any students the true story of Black and brown Americans. Some speculate that it’s due to fear, guilt, hate, neglect of responsibility and racism in which some or all of those things could be true. But the one thing that history teachers are able to do is teach our students why our stories aren’t mainstream and included in “the” American story is because of power.

Dr. Bond believes that local government needs to give more support to educators. Not just financially, as the biggest push back begins with the money and how much it’s going to cost us to do the needed and right thing.

He believes that our government should provide more support for mental health services for educators. Especially teachers who in this time of the pandemic have been overworked, underpaid and not valued.

“We must make educators feel relevant especially when laws are being passed to compromise our ability to tell the truth about historical events, themes and cultural beliefs of our country!”

Dr. Steven Bond is an award winning Author and Social Studies teacher in Wilson, NC. He has taught Social Studies for the last 22 years. He currently is a member of the Board of Directors for the Council for Studies in NC. He is an advocate for Minorities and Women being taught more through Social Sciences.