Profound Gentlemen highlights male educators of color who are teaching Social Studies and History classes in public schools. This PG Highlight focuses on

Anthony Downer, a male educator of color, high school, inner city Social Studies Teacher is also an activist for social justice. He currently teaches in the City of Atlanta and was recently honored by educational entities in partnership with PG in Atlanta. Downer leads a podcast on critical race theory and social justice in public education called “dat way“.

One of the most driving questions not being asked about Black children in public schools is, what’s the most effective support we can provide for them. Anthony shares his insight in which he says, “in order to truly retain and recognize our Black educators, we need a consistent and radical system of support and care!”

Black educators deserve equitable pay, a seat at the table of decision- and policy making, autonomy to teach in creative classrooms with smaller groups of students, and inclusive learning environments where they can be their full, Black selves.

Downer believes that Black students’ success depends on well, uplifted, Black educators who must fight for their interconnected belonging and liberation.