Profound Gentlemen Policy Corner

For six years, Profound Gentlemen uplifted the cause and impact of male educators of color. We developed methods of influencing education reform by pursuing our mission to build a community of male educators of color and dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. As Profound Gentlemen hones in on our objectives, we search for opportunities to increase our political footprint. Within the past year, PG sustained its ubiquity in the classroom while advising on political initiatives for policymakers and legislative influencers.

We have identified four problems within education policy that contributes to the lack of recruitment and retention of male educators of color in the United States.


Only 2% of educators are males of color in the United States. 

Studies show that when boys of color have male educators of color, they are more likely to graduate from high school and pursue a four year college degree.



The average salary in America is $50,000 while the average starting teacher salary in America is $38,617.

We need to develop capital growth opportunities and increase the average salary for educators.


Career Mentorship

Male educators of color leave the education profession at a rate five times higher than any other demographic. Research reveals that educators of color need access to pathways that allow for growth, development, and entry into leadership opportunities to remain in the profession. We need more mentorship roles  to keep male educators of color in the field.

School Culture

Studies show that the school culture aids in the high attrition of male educators of color. We need to decolonize education spaces and create spaces where male educators of color feel valued outside of the stereotypical narratives of male educators of color.


Bills to Watch

You can view a list of current legislation impacting education in North Carolina here.

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Across the country, our educators serve as mentors, advocates, and role models for all students, boys of color. They give their time to create a cradle to career pipeline for boys of color to ensure that their boys are college and career ready. Support our educators and help them fuel the pipeline.

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