CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 28, 2017 – Profound Gentlemen, Inc. received the Wells Fargo People’s Choice Award Grand Prize of $20,000 at the 6th annual SEED20 competition for nonprofit entrepreneurs on Monday.  Twenty nonprofits from the greater Charlotte area vied for the award to be used for furthering their organization’s impact.  Over 900 local community members were in attendance and voted for their top-choice organization to win the award based on innovation, impact, and sustainability.

“I am excited that the Charlotte community came together to highlight the importance of having men of color as educators, leaders, and role models to our young men,” said Jason Terrell, Co-Founder, and Co-CEO of Profound Gentlemen.  “Right now, in Charlotte, more than 70% of the student population are people of color.  The percentage of male educators of color is less than 5%.  With this award, we can expand our programming to help change that statistic.”

Profound Gentlemen, Inc. plans to utilize the SEED20 award to place and support 25 more male educators of color in classrooms in Charlotte. These educators will impact more than 2,500 students across the city.  Additionally, Profound Gentlemen will be able to provide 625 more professional development hours to their existing member-base through training, retreats, and community building events.

“We cannot do this work without community support and look forward to collaborating with great organizations across the Charlotte community to further support our educators and their students.”

About Social Venture Partners & SEED20

Social Venture Partners (SVP) is a nonprofit organization passionately attacking the issue of social and economic inequality in Charlotte through venture philanthropy. Their vision is that through SEED20, the greater Charlotte area will be a community that embraces our nonprofit entrepreneurs, providing them with a supportive environment to innovate. The SEED20 program, the OnStage event, and alumni activities are all coordinated by SVP’ staff and volunteer members. To learn more, please visit