PG Socials

As the school year continues and the holidays approach, we hope to continue supporting Gentlemen. Join us for an upcoming social. Learn more about each social below or register here. 

Deadline to register is one week prior select social.


Time: 7:00pm EST
The virtual open mic is a celebration of the talents within Profound Gentlemen. Singers, Rappers, Poets, comedians, etc will join together as we collectively replenish our “surge capacity”  by fellowshipping and sharing in the artistry that overflows within our brotherhood.

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Time: 7:30pm EST
Description: Gentlemen will spend an hour together checking in on each other’s mental health. We will complete 2 activities, 1.) Complete a mocktail demonstration and 2.) Mental Health Check ins and Color Therapy 

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Time: 10:00am EST
Description: We are getting outside YA’LL! The VW’s will be flying out into the wild of our own environments (with some added goodies from PG to support!) Gentlemen will join in a virtual GREAT ESCAPE in their/your/our own environment in a Choose Your Own Adventure Scavenger Hunt. Gentlemen will venture out into their neighborhoods (all across the country) and walk, take photos with, engage and commemorate the collective experience.
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Time: 7:30PM EST
Description: 2020 has been a hell of a year! As we wrap it up, we want to take a moment to reflect on our year and reflect on the things you leave as well as consider the things we want to manifest in 2021.  The plant will serve as a symbol of the manifestation of what we want in 2021. We have to water our plants in order for it to come to life. We have to take care of the roots in order for it to come to maintain life.

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