The Center for Black Educators Development has created a call to action saying #WeNeedBlackTeachers. We need Black teachers in more racially diverse school districts throughout the nation. We need Black teachers and this encouragement from the campaign to reach stakeholders in areas outside of large cities.

Often times we see resources, support and larger numbers of male educators or color in large cities. However, we need more Black teachers and teachers of color everywhere.

We need Black teachers because representation matters.

Representation is important to helping the development of the whole child.

The #WeNeedBlackTeachers campaign is timely to honor the historic contributions of Black Americans in education. Black educational activists have helped to movements for equity in public schools for other disenfranchised groups.

We need Black teachers and we must be willing to retain them in public schools!

The big question is, what are we currently doing in public education to excited a new wave of teachers?

Maybe a lot or little, but whatever is being done isn’t working. This provides why PG’s mission is so relevant to the work of equity and social justice in public education.

Profound Gentlemen is leading the way in supporting public schools with the recruitment and retention of male educators of color.

We need Black teachers because every child benefits from the gifts, talents and innovation we bring!

American public education is not only failing children of color, but Black teachers. Especially Black male teachers.

As we closely watch the conversations on Critical Race Theory, we must consider the impacts on teachers and who this is a tool to drive us out of the classroom.

I am a Black teacher. A Black male teacher who is also LGBTQ. Often times the labels used to create identity are also used to create barriers and other social isms that take away from who we are.

I’m saying that we need Black teachers and we need to accept, embrace and elevate them for who they are.