The PG Community Builders collaborated on design of the opening panel for the Community Impact Assembly this year. We’re tackling the controversial topic of critical race theory and the impact on self identify and activism.

Darryl Bradshaw, moderator and PG Community builder incorporated students from both our schools to speak on the controversial topic of critical race theory. The panel also featured RaShaun Kemp, educator and candidate for GA House of Representatives, District 61.

As male educators of color, it was important that this conversation was brought to the forefront in a different perspective. In a recently released article by Chance W. Lewis focuses in on the experiences of Black male teachers in public schools. I can attest to the sentiment of many of the Black male teachers part of this research study.

Black male and other male educators of color can do more in education than the areas that most schools tend to place us. Areas that are equally important but often confined to one or two areas leaving us out of the vastness of education. Students need to be exposed to male educators on colors in every discipline from ELA, French, Robotics or American History.

But teachers also need more exposure and training on social emotional learning, development and social justice. I believe we can improve and work on ways to address the issues male educator of color face in public schools. There is a connection to social justice and children of color in public schools.

No longer can children color attend schools and never have a male educator of color to have taught them. Or schools that don’t address social justice issues when the communities the students we serve are experiencing them.

Lynn (2002) found that Black males’ desires to teach were grounded in their commitment to social change, whereas Brown (2009) found that the identities of Black male teachers helped to inform their pedagogical practices.

This week, reflect on the ways your school, school network or school district are supporting, empowering, recruiting and retaining Black male teachers and male educators of color.