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We are committed to retaining male educators of color who establish cradle-to-career pipelines and are education leaders in their community.

Make a commitment to keep males of color in education 

How We Retain Male Educators of Color 

Profound Gentlemen (PG) provides male educators of color with 1:1 coaching, professional development opportunities, and access to a large network of mission-driven educators. 



We implement a targeted approach to support the unique development needs of our educators based on their years in the profession:

  •  Beginning Educators (0-3 years)

  • Developing Educators (4-6 years)

  •  Profound Educators (7+ years)


We place each PG Educator in a collaborative cohort with approximately 20 other educators where they undergo a series of sessions on topics that focus on the following areas: Character Development, Content Development, and Continuous Leadership.

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2701c Freedom Drive, Charlotte, NC, USA

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