Membership Overview

Aspiring and current male educators of color apply to become members of PG once a year. With 2 types of membership, Profound Gentlemen are able to grow and develop no matter their location.

General Membership: Gentlemen register for free online to access resources provided by Profound Gentlemen.

Cohort Membership: Gentlemen pay $25 to attend retreats, conferences, and events while accessing online resources to further develop professionally. Gentlemen are placed into a cohort based on region. Cohorts are made up of 20 Gentlemen, led by an Impact Leader.

*Due to summer break, Cohort Membership registrations submitted after 6/3/2021 will not be assigned an Impact Leader until fall 2021. Thank you for your understanding.

Cohort membership: $25 Annually

Cohort Membership

General Membership: Free

General Membership

College/TFA Membership: $10

College/TFA Membership

All Gentlemen have an Impact Professional Development Plan to assist them in creating semester goals around our 3C Focus areas. They receive over 20 hours of one-on-one support with an Impact Leader who serves as a peer mentor that connects them to resources and holds them accountable.

Throughout the semester, Gentlemen connect with our partners and other Gentlemen to support them in meeting their goals and receive resources.

Quarterly, Gentlemen attend our Saturday Professional Development Day to share and grow their impact. In addition, our interactive retreats happen twice a year to get Gentlemen unstuck and continue on this education journey.

Throughout the year, we provide opportunities for Gentlemen to share their impact by leading sessions, videos, speaking on panels, and hosting site visits.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

20 Hours of Professional Development
Access to our Membership App
Access to Apple Core
Discount on Annual Conference
Access to Attend Summits
Career Support
Participate in our Rewards Program
Scholarships to Attend Conferences
Subscription To Our Impact Magazine
Coaching In Our 3C Focus Areas

3C Focus Areas

Character Development

Establishing goals to ensure the wellness of our educators' social, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Content Development

Providing support and resources to help our educators develop and maximize their current impact in their current role.

Community Impact Leadership

Creating leadership career goals to maximize Gentlemens' impact in the education sector and the communities they serve.

Become a Profound Gentlemen

Ready to become a member of Profound Gentlemen? To begin, we have two membership options, Gentlemen and Profound Gentlemen. You will choose one of the two. Also, you can always change your membership status in the future.

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